Abyölk Store
Abyölk Store is a Creativegun Project developed during the lockdown period for the COVID-19 outbreak. This was launched in April 2020 and was developed by Titas Mallick and Amit Sen using all vanilla codes. It uses vanilla Javascript as its main scripting language and runs with a NoSQL database model. It uses Firebase as its backend and Razorpay at its payment gateway. The sole focus of creating this project is to make e-commerce easy where buyers and sellers don't have to go through the tedious procedure of listing products and giving out all personal pieces of information to the multi-million dollar industry big brothers. It minimizes the personal information gathered and shows no advertisement at all and doesn't force products to the customer shamelessly. It makes buying and selling a mere one-click operation. Where people can create there account just by using Google Auth and with the same account both they can sell and buy products. Selling products are easy. Just register your product and wait for the confirmation. Sellers don't require their GST or business information at all. So people who create a product in their home out of passion can also get the opportunity to sell the products here. And buying is very easy. Just 1,2,3. Add the product in your cart and pay and wait for the product to be delivered.
We support the product from any seller. The seller could be an individual making handcrafted goodness out of passion or even multi-million dollar industries who are thinking to push their products to the individual. To our policies, both of them are on the same platform. Just enlist an honest image while listing your products. Before approving any products we will be manually screening all the products and then we will approve it. You will be given your listed money after the products are sold to the customers directly to your UPI address. And we will deduct 3% as our processing fee.
We are currently beginning our service on a very small scale where just now we can not afford any warehouse or dedicated delivery system. So we currently rely on the postal system and directly to the seller if they afford so. So please list your product price as inclusive of delivery charges. If we conduct the delivery on behalf of you we will charge the delivery charges upon the 3% processing fee.
Match block Chains
We have written the algorithm so that only products originated in a pin code region is visible to the customers of the same region that can up to 2-10 cities depending on the size of the region. So the delivery and product matchmaking procedure is fairly regional.
Base Stock
We have a policy of enlisting products with a base stock of 20 and with a minimal cut-off stock of 4 in the warehouse to prevent any failure of the algorithm. So if you list any product that you produce on a time basis make sure than you can keep up with your demand.
Payment Method
We rely on the Razorpay payment gateway for all the payments made on this site. Razorpay is a secure trusted option when it comes to online payment. So you are already protected by their policies so no fear of stolen credit card info at least on our site.
If payment is successful then you will receive confirmation from Razorpay itself. If the payment is failed though that is unusual you are still protected with the guidelines of Razorpay. If after placing your order you don't get any email or text from our site then don't be afraid Razorpay already supports a 5-day refund policy. Just wait for your money will be back to you. Of course in that scenario, little changes can be applied from the Razorpay side.
This is one of the silent procedure of our service. You will see a return button on the delivered product of your product history. Just press one and we will contact you regarding your returning and your returning status will be activated for 7days after delivery.
Feel free to contact us on any emergency. You can call us directly or can contact via Whatsapp or email. We will offer you our best.

Abyölk Store

Abyölk Store is a project of Creativegun and in partnership with foodyC. It is developed as a shopping or e-commerce service. The payment procedure is handled by the Razorpay payment gateway and the backend is powered by Google Firebase. We are using Google as our OAuth provider. And your payment and passwords are secured by their services so you can shop with us worry-free and trust in their services. If after your payment you did not receive any updates or confirmations then don't worry, your money will be automatically refunded after 5days. We are starting with very minimum capacity. Help us grow.

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